Necromunda Campaign Superpost!

After several weeks of planning and some frantic terrain- and model-building, we managed to get five Necromunda enthusiasts together for a two-day campaign.  Huzzah!  Have a look through our quick battle summaries and the photos ...


We had five missions planned, with each player taking part in four and spectating one.  This way everybody got to play one game against every other gang; the fairest way to do it.  We didn't do battle reports - with five games to play it would have made it very difficult to keep tallies of what was going on.  But I'll try and give a flavour of what happened in each game.

A special shout out goes to Kieran who produced some stunning terrain in a really short space of time.  The black-
undercoated buildings are just from the cityfight set but the rest is all scratch-built by him

Day 1

Dan vs. Ed.  Setting up the first board, a straight Gang Fight, I was still in 40K mode and split my gang into two halves.  Not a good choice.  Deacon's prospectors managed to pin both groups separately and my grenade launcher persistently missed.  I tried to rectify things with a crazy charge and one of my gangers managed to take down Dan's heavy in melee, but he was quickly knocked out in turn and my Cawdors bottled, fleeing the field with four out of action.

Kieran vs. Ollie.  With SCT-7 advancing in a skirmish line, they came up against Kieran's scavvie horde (the largest of all the gangs).  A shootout developed, and although the small Enforcer gang kept getting pinned by relentless scavvie fire, Sgt Kaltos rallied his men and managed to pick off enough of the scavvies to force a bottle test, winning them the game.

SCT-7 - despite being a small gang they consistently
punched above their weight and proved a tough nut to crack.
Kieran vs. Ed.  For my second game, I tried keeping together a bit more.  Varn himself led a tight group of about seven of the gang, while my heavy kept watching over the centre.  As an ambush mission, I went first and a lucky shot took out two of Kieran's gangers with a grenade.  Further flukey grenade shots wore down Kieran's gang, and a brutal close range firefight came out in my favour with some good dice rolls as the two gangs stumbled on each other at point blank range.  Some lucky rolls at the start meant I took the field as Kieran's poor Scavvies bottled.

Mike vs. Dan.  A tough game for Dan, he was spotted trying to sneak in pretty much straight away, and Cuccinni's crew put out one of its trademark fusilades, outgunning and overcoming Deacon's men who had to bottle it.  Mike was a very good sport and agreed to ransom back one of the prisoners for a modest sum.

Ed vs. Ollie.  Perfect for Ollie's SCT, he had to sneak in and steal an objective.  I was lucky, however, and the route in he chose was guarded by my BS4 shotgunner and my by-now elite grenade launcher.  Despite a volley of flashbangs and accurate fire, I managed to stem the assault before it really got underway and two good grenades on the pinned Enforcers ended it before it could really begin.

Mike vs. Ollie.  Here the small size of the Enforcers team really hindered them.  The grenadier was pinned by Mike's team early on, and then a well-executed flanking movement scuppered the Enforcers' attack early on.  The value of pinning really showed through here as it stopped the Enforcers from moving into position.

Dyan and Quarl, defending the objective in that
raid mission.  They turned out to be two of my best chaps.
Day 2

Mike vs. Ed.  An interesting game, the Shootout scenario.  My Cawdors held their nerve and it was Cuccinni who fired the first shot - a devastating barrage of las-fire that pinned and out-of-actioned many of my guys.  Mike rolled a six for each of his four men, ensuring they got their shots off first.  I managed to knock out two of his, but they both escaped with flesh wounds and with my guys being constantly pinned, the three survivors voluntarily bottled and ran.

Ollie vs. Dan.  A raid mission, Dan got some very unlucky rolls which gave him only one sentry.  He was quickly taken out, but we carried on and Dan rallied when the rest of his gang all came on one side in a big wave.  The small Enforcers gang, trying to sneak off with the objective, met with a brief and furious firefight.  Again, Sgt Kaltos was a bulwark and despite Deacon's men getting two of the five Enforcers off their feet, eventually some good shotgun hits saw Deacon's prospectors break.  Widely agreed that if Deacon hadn't been tied up fighting Clifford, the cyber-mastiff, it would have probably gone the other way.

Kieran vs. Dan.  A very fun game all round - Deacon ended up surrounded and it was a bit like a zombie last stand!  Another tense firefight saw the game hanging in the balance for a few turns, but eventually Kieran got the upper hand and won a well-deserved victory.

Kieran vs Mike.  This was a viscious one.  It was Kieran's last game and, getting hang of the scavvies, managed to give the unbeaten Orlocks a serious run for their money.  Mike put down a volley of fire but the scavvies returned it with gusto, managing to get a lot of their close-combat guys up close and personal.  The Ghoul was in combat for about four turns before finally being beaten and after a tense back-and-forth, Kieran's Baron Lavreau went down and the scavvies bottled, leaving Mike holding the field.

All in all, it was a very fun weekend.  Plenty of brews, beers, crisps, crude puns (I'm afraid), lucky rolls, unlucky rolls - the perfect wargaming weekend!  Overall the winner turned out to be Mike and his Orlock gang led by 'Crazy Legs' Cuccinni, unbeaten over the whole weekend.  Well done Mike!

But all players had a great time and we're already planning our next outing.  There are some grudges still to be settled in Bilgewater Creek...

Thanks for reading, and now enjoy the photos!


When the Redemptionists played SCT-7, brother Quarl managed to hold off the entire team long enough with
his BS4 shotgun shooting, until Dyan got their with the grenade launcher to drive them off.  It was a close-run thing
and Ollie got within 10" of the objective.

Hard-as-nails, expert marksmen, well-drilled and equipped... you don't want to be fighting the
Enforcers unless you have to!

There was lots of lovely multi-level action with Kieran's lovingly made modular terrain.

The tense standoff...

And seconds later!

Kieran's scavvy gang was one of my favourites, very nice models and a characterful gang.

Deacon's prospectors, with Deacon himself on the right.  Gantries are dangerous places, because of my
weekend-long insistance that all dangerous machinery and chemical pits were placed underneath them,
hoping someone would fall to a horrible doom.  Nobody did, however.

One of Kieran's scalies climbing some expertly-built stairs.

With some Kasrkin reenforcements, SCT-7 line up for another mission.

Uh oh!  Dan rolled and got a single sentry to stand against the Enforcers.  He swung back to give
them a real run for their money, however.

More of Kieran's scavvies...

Cuccinni's crew had a fierce, and hard-earned reputation for being expert gunfighters.

Court of the Blind King vs Cuccinni's crew was a close-run thing, but in the end Cuccinni's men held on!

Gah!  Why didn't anybody fall into the crusher?

One of the Cuccinni crew covers his associate...

The gantries were entirely flexible, and we
had an infinite  combination
of buildings available.


  1. Great post and looks like you guys had a load of fun. I'm hoping our gaming group can do something similar using inquisitor rules but 28mm scale

    1. Thanks, yes it was a great weekend. Funnily enough me and Ollie used to do that as kids, using single 40K miniatures and the inquisitor rules. It was great fun, but me and Kieran were talking about this and felt that in =I= you spend too long in game working out injuries etc. In Necromunda the focus is on fast play, with the effects worked out after the game. Still, those 'Inquisimunda' games were really enjoyable, might be something we explore in the future.

  2. Wow looks like an awesome couple of days. Brings back fond memories of my school days playing as many games as we could to level up!

    Just bought a couple of gangs from GW in the sg panic and this is inspiring me to get them painted up.

    1. Yep it was, cheers Tim! Haha we all enjoyed the levelling up rolls. Good to snatch up a few gangs, I did the same thing myself. Well I can't wait to see what there is in store!

  3. Love it! Necromunda is such a great game, and it looks like you guys had a great time!

    You've got me thinking about pulling out the ol' Necromunda box and see what's left in there to build...

    Looking forward to seeing more of the Cawdor - I love how those turned out!

    1. Thanks mate - and you know you can't tease me with the promise of a sally into the Closet of Doom! Love to see what you have tucked away.

  4. Fun stuff, I am envious as it's been a long while since I've played Necromunda.

    Did you all level up your gang members, giving them skills, etc between games? If so, was there any one member who soared in ability?

    1. We did level up, yes, and with four fairly busy games there was plenty of levelling up and new skills. My shotgunner Quarl, and the grenadier Dyan (both mentioned in my game vs Ollie on Day 1), ended up being two real hard nuts, and despite Quarl failing ammo rolls EVERY time, he still took out four opponents over the weekend.

  5. A fantastic write up and a superb weekend all round, thanks very much for your superb organisation - we seemed to get the balance right between us. And many thanks for the shout outs, much appreciated. I think all of the Cuccinni Crew levelled up rather well indeed after each game Dai, especially Crazy Legs Cuccinni himself. Poor Dan had the most deaths I think, with one of his gangers snuffing it in the game after he'd replaced him. Still everyone really enjoyed the games.

    1. Yeah Dan got some really unlucky injury rolls, which was a shame because it was such a characterful gang. And the Cuccini crew certainly got some excellent levelling up with the amount of kills they racked up! Personally I prefer the injury chart, getting some cool battle wounds (and the element of danger from the Dead results, which I mercifully avoided) so I had a gang of limping zealots with missing fingers and eyes. Cool!

    2. I was gutted that Banjo after losing a finger in a game (ours I think) then swiftly got an advancement that cancelled it out... swings and roundabouts I suppose. Looking forward to seeing all the superb gangs together again

  6. Certainly seems like y'all had some fun games. Glad the heavy is working out for you, must be all the time he spent on the range (the shelf where he had lived for several years) nothing to do but clean his weapon and read his prayer book.

    1. Yes - he had a bit of an off game first time round, two misfires in a row then a failed ammo roll, but that's more the gun's fault really. He really came into his own (sorry Kieran) against the Scavvies, where he managed to land one or two good grenades and levelled up.


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