Finished: von Körtig's Backscratchers

Hi all!  After last week's update to the Penal Legion, I've been busily painting away for the last week.  This is what I've come up with.  If you missed it, this is the link to the concept/construction post.  I'll let the pics do most of the talking here!

One thing that's missing is a flag (thanks for the idea for that Chris), just need to wait until Bitzbox have one in stock again.

Commissar-Captain von Körtig himself.  Very pleased with how he turned out in the end.

The lanyard is a Victoria Lamb shotgun strap; she also did the gasmask.
Both are in soft-but-not-brittle metal that is easy to shape.

This is one of my favourite GW models of all time - love the riding crop!
Oh, the epaulettes are also from Victoria Lamb.

I deliberately kept the crew in simple browns and blacks, so they almost fade into the background.

You can see the mud emplacement here and the effortless effect the builder's filler gives. 
All three teams.  Not a step back or we shoot!

The gasmasks looked really good, helped emphasise the inhuman, robotic quality of the gunners. 

The guns will probably just count as heavy bolters.

Now all I need is some cowardly penal legionnaires!
Very pleased with how these came out in the end, especially the commissar.  I need to get cracking on the squads as I still only have about 15 blokes!  Anyway, all that's for another post.

Thanks for reading, troops!

The Colonel


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Really captures the feel of St. Adelphia's Hope nicely, these are exactly how I envisaged the regulars, the colours are perfect.

    I need to do some more work on the fluff, had a few more ideas to flesh out what we already put together.

    Also, I have at least one spare Guard standard if you want it?

    1. We need a squad of the Public Order and Control Corps, or "Pox" as I christened them lol...

    2. Thanks! I do like the grim muddiness of it all, the black of the regulars against the white of the convicts etc. Guard standard? I'd love it! Got quite a few SM bitz if you want to swap.

    3. Got both if you want to try each one out and choose.

    4. Oooh, might take you up on that. Which is the one where the banner isn't flying, just hanging there?

  2. The yellow is a nice change from the typical red that's used to highlight a Commissar's palette.

    Super good paint jobs mate and I really like how the dug-in image works.

    1. When I was planning this I always had red in mind. But suddenly, just as I was picking up the scab red, I changed my mind - I quite enjoyed doing something a bit different for Captain Hellbrooke, I think that's where it came from. Thanks mate!

  3. Awesome work, man! I love the lanyard for the bolt pistol, it's little bits of detail like that which really makes the model 'pop'. Love the color scheme as well, the whole unit turned out looking sharp!

    1. I was pleased with that, just a spur of the moment thing but I ordered another pack of the loops to use on other guns! Thanks for the comment

  4. These turned out absolutely great, really dig the overall vibe.

  5. Holy moly these are Mad! That is so awesome! Wow, totally wow.


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