Nebelwerfer and Weathering Practice

Evening again all!  Just time for a quick post tonight, on my Waffen-SS Nebelwerfer from Warlord Games.  I've had this for a while and recently decided to finish it off - some of you might recall last week's Fallschirmjager post, where I experimented a bit with using weathering powders on non-vehicle models.  Well, despite the initial results being encouraging, I decided to use my half-painted Nebelwerfer as a test model to get a bit of practice on using powders.  And as it happens, it turned out quite well!  So I thought I'd share this today before finishing off some of the other projects over the next few weeks.

Nebelwerfer - incidentally, has anyone ever wondered why artillery guns
have those red and white poles on the trails?  Here's your answer! 

Further use of the matchsticks ... and still more than half a bag left!
Pleased with this bit - rust at the bottom, scorch marks at the top!
As I say, just a quick update.  I'm still working on the Falschirmjager and painting is beginning on the converted Laser Destroyer!  Pics should follow soon, but I'm on holiday away from most technology soon, so for the next week or so there may be a few more fluffy, text-based posts while I'm away from my camera.  As ever thanks for reading, until next time!

The Colonel


  1. Nebelwerfer looks amazing - really like the churned mud where the crew'd be stood too.

    And thanks lots for that link regarding the barbershop stripes - would never have known otherwise!

  2. Lovely work! have you just applied the powders neat with a brush? I have seen mention of using alcohol, or a tiny amount of water on some posts about weathering.

  3. Why did this chap come from, you know how I feel about nebelwerfers! Loving the weathering, and as Dai said, the churned mud is superb. Plenty of that on the not so secret project. Sodden, shelter-half caped chaps ankle deep in mud and looking like a sack of shite tied in the middle is what it's all about

  4. Where not why, damned keyboard...

  5. Thanks guys:

    @Dai - thanks, as Headologist says in his comment we're doing a diorama soon which will involve a lot of mud so this is great practice. One of those little bits of trivia there about barbershop poles (that's my new name for them).

    @Buffer - I just applied them neat. I haven't experimented with alcohol as it was a bit small, but I might do it later when I try it on a vehicle.

    @Headologist - Did you not see him? It was a birthday present from Ghost. Looking forward to this diorama business...

  6. Beautiful model. I was just cruising around the bloggersphere catching up on stuff that I had missed... and wow, when did you change the background? It's F-ing Awesome! it may have been a while back but I only just noticed now.

    1. It was only about a week ago, just thought it looked a bit more exciting, glad you like it. And cheers re the model as well!


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