Renegade Guard Platoon

After quite a few months of chipping away, I've managed to finish the Renegade Imperial Guard platoon off!  Huzzahs all round!

These chaps are all Forgeworld Renegade Militia conversion sets.  Not cheep, but they look very nice.  I'd saved up for a while to get these, and they make a nice change from painting ranks of neatly-ironed tunics.  Apologies in advance for the quality of the photos but the camera's on the blink, so back to the phone for a few days.

The project began back in April, but these are so new to me that it took about five or six practice models before I could get a production line going.  An interim update came in May featuring the Command Squad, but over the last week I've been hammering through them in batches of six and finished the first platoon (and a bit) of them.

Nothing too fancy; Command Squad, two infantry squads (and some leftovers at the back; mostly spare Enforcers and a few odd troopers).  The models require some patience to put together, since none of them fit perfectly with the Cadian bodies and there's an awful lot of superficial flash on them.  That said with the usual cleaning up done the quality is superb as it usually is from FW.  I also needed blobs of Green Stuff a lot to help the arms stick properly.  Liquid Green Stuff was very handy as there were cracks galore.

Anyway I'll let you see the results for yourselves ...

My modelling desk being assaulted by Renegade platoon

The conversion sets come with a great selection of rarities
like autoguns, and they're easily clipped from their Chaos-y arms

The set of enforcers are lovely models.  I gave them
a lovely sickening purple skull

Autopistols?  Not seen them outside Necromunda.


  1. Sweeeeeet. They really came out looking great!

  2. Fantastic stuff. Makes me want to add them to support my Traitor Malcador Defender.

    Any vehicles to support them?

  3. @Mordian: Thanks! As I say, nice to get my teeth into something a bit different but I may be expanding this into an army sometime soon.

    @Dai: Probably a Malcador Defender! I wanted to get the idea of an army without too much support so mainly infantry; more characterful rather than game winning, since the majority of 'Chaos' armies would probably just be cultists etc. But it's also going to be an opportunity to get some nice FW vehicles in there, so possibly later on a Defender or Hellhound or something like that.

  4. Defender is a great idea, truely a cool model and my fav next to the even more lovely Mecharius (Which is too darned expensive for my budget, sadly).
    If I happen across one on the cheap though, am hoping to try to pick up a Forge World Minotaur mobile artillery; that thing too just screams to be painted up in rebel colours.

  5. These look great! I think I may be getting out of the Renegade business soon though, one of my friends wants allies for his Word Bearers and as my heretics haven't seen a table in a while they might be getting a new home.

    1. @Dai: I think it would go well, sort of a patched-together, scrape-the-barrel job rather than standard issue Leman Russes, a bit more antiquated. The Minotaur does, doesn't it?! Think it's the look of the armour, and the ridged effect somehow.

      @Chris: Thanks Chris, that's something I don't think I'll ever be able to do - I get far too misty-eyed and nostalgic and then keep my armies forever!


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