Background Book Arrived!

Codex Imperialis: Palladian Guard
A very exciting day today as my Background Book finally arrived!  I've been writing this for years now, at first in the form of notes and scraps of paper, before finally being brought together in a scrapbook and now gorgeously typed up and bound ... here's the result:

I have to say I'm really impressed; this was done by a thesis-binding company for £30, and all I had to do was upload the PDF, and it was rushed to my door.  Perfect.  (Although I did pick a green cover - no matter.)

The inside page
The book is written in the style of a Departmento Munitorium reference handbook and covers just about every topic I could think of: recruiting, wages, pensions rations - everything from bombs to belt buckles.  

There will be an appendix soon as well, which includes tables of organisation, badges of rank, orders of battle and some colour plates as well!  I don't mind saying I'm very excited about this as it's the culmination of years of effort.  I'd very strongly recommend that anyone with a passion for background and fluff who has something typed up on the computer to get this done.

Just about every detail you could ever want on the Palladians

Colonel Scipio!  That's me, I'm famous!

"A war of all against all", the motto of the Palladian Guard
Sorry for the detour for those of you expecting the next instalment of my Officer character series - I'll get it on in the next post.  Just to prove it's not all been rambling fluff, my next project is going to be a regimental honour guard of 'Iron Hearts' (inspiration courtesy of Col. Gravis), using a combination of Victoria Lamb's conversion kits, Col. Gravis' Curious Constructs torsos and some Black Tree Design Roman Legionary shields!  Just to prove that's it's not some dreamy fantasy, here are the Victoria Lamb bits, fresh from sunny Australia:

Legs, hats and hunting lances ... can you guess what it is yet?
 Anyway, thanks for stopping by and reading everybody.  See you all in a few days for some more characters and background, but until then so long!


  1. That is really, really cool! Looking forward to seeing how the Iron Hearts turn out - keep up the great work!

  2. O wow, imortalised! Seriously cool stuff sir.

    Looking forward to those Iron Hearts!

  3. What a cracking idea (makes note), the book looks awesome & totally fitting; for the level & detail of your fluff is truly epic.

    Great stuff!

  4. @Mordian7th: Will do! Already had some plans for the next edition of the book, and the Iron Hearts should be next week!

    @Dai: Immortalised - exactly the right word, that's what I'm trying to do. Wish I'd thought of that!

    @Bix: Thanks a lot; there is a lot of detail looking back through it but it almost becomes a mini-hobby in itself ...

  5. I think I've read the majority of it and I can say it is most impressive, and it looks superb bound.

  6. Both a labour of love and a thing of beauty. Nice work. You must be sure to take it places with you for the enjoyment of other geeks...

    By the way, what font did you go for, for the bulk of the copy?

    1. Cheers Admiral, you're most kind. I can assure you It will be ready for deployment as soon as anyone casually comments; "so, have you done any background on your Imperial Guard?" Watch the smile disappear from their faces as they have to sit and read the entire tome.

      Most of it is in Hoefler Text, by the way:

  7. This is awesome! You've inspired me with yet another overambitious project! I'd love to be able to have a closer read of it all!!!

    1. Cheers mate - well stand by, I'll try emailing you an electronic copy! Thanks for the comment.

  8. How could I get a copy of that book, mate? It looks just fantastic!


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