Chaos Theory

This week has seen both painting and blogging slow down to a snail's pace, making way for the relentless advance of my old enemy Real Life.  I managed to score a big victory yesterday, however, when I smuggled my paints into work and got 15+ figures done; not a bad day's work.  

And these are the spoils; more work on my Chaos Renegades army.  These are part of a sizeable FW order I've been plugging away at for some time now with a view to making about 500pts worth of minor skirmishes, then adding odd squads to it from Forge World each time in win the lottery thereafter.

Do not approach; this man is dangerous!  Please
call your nearest Imperial Guard battalion and report
any sightings.  Then run.
Since Renegades are so expensive, they're fairly rare and there are quite a number of blogs and reviews out there so a plethora of inspiration to choose from.  One thing I do which is (I think) quite unique, I don't use any Cadian parts except for the legs - the torsos, heads and arms are all out the conversion pack sets.  This makes them spine-tinglingly expensive but drool-makingly beautiful!  

I've been spending a lot of time on my command squad as well recently - the commander is the unpleasant-looking fellow above.  The more I work on, the more I like painting them, especially as the new-army novelty hasn't quite worn off after 15 years of playing Guard.

The painting involves a lot of washing and inks, so I like to do rough, shoddy batch painting of the Scab Red, various different browns, and black weapons, then do a complete wash, then spend time individually highlighting and picking out details.
Incidentally, I've stumbled across a new approach to painting metal, while painting up some historical minis.  Very little metal outside fantasy/pre-WW1 historical is very shiny, so I've tried doing metal here as just black with a very very light drybrush of Boltgun Metal, to give it a dulled look.  Especially for Renegades who probably have the same weapons now as whenever they deserted.  What do you think?
The flag was a pleasure to paint and my only regret is that firstly, the Chaos icon seems to be on the wrong side of the flag (probably me not putting it together right) and ask I lack the skill to do any serious freehand painting.  The transfer is a Space Wolves one, ironically.
Anyway, enough from me I think.  Hope you enjoyed these and any comments are, as ever, very welcome.  See you all again soon!


  1. Absolutely beautiful, now I remember why Chaos was my first army....

  2. Gorgeous! Especially love the standard bearer, that whole FW command set is just cool - Keep up the great work!

  3. Cracking stuff! Really enjoying this expensive collection! :)

  4. Thanks all! Yes a lot of credit goes to the sculpts as they're really nice models, but pleased how it's come out. More to follow!

  5. when I smuggled my paints into work and got 15+ figures done

    .hmmmmm. There are quiet days when I could do this. Hmmmmm

  6. Cheers again! @mad padre: I find there are some advantages working in the QM's block ... like no-one EVER disturbing you ...


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