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Continuing my fluff-themed posts, I'm skilfully avoiding having to admit I've done very little in the way of modelling recently due to a long stint at work.  Currently plodding along with 2nd Platoon's infantry squads, so the production line is up and running ... hoping to get an (unfinished) army shot showing everything I have by the end of this month.

Anyway, for today:  I was wandering around a set of old bookshops today when I came across an old typewriter.  It struck me as just the sort of antiquated technology you might see in the Imperial Guard universe, and I used it to throw together a 'snapshot' of Imperial tele-transmissions.  No real purpose to this, and it doesn't tie in with any existing fluff, but it just looks rather cool.


  1. Bloody superb, makes me want to revive my fluff-only Imperial Guard Casualty Clearing Station just to write paperwork like this.
    Perhaps I could do short range comms for the Imperial Navy frigate that hosts my boarders...
    What is the font for the main body of the text? I'd highly recommend the HPLHS fonts for stuff like this - they have a good Blackletter font for the Bunker too ;)

  2. Hmmm... a casualty clearing station diorama? It's so crazy it just might work! The main bits are typed out, blank, in MS Gothic. Then it's printed out and I do it in a real typewriter, then scan it in.

  3. I thought that was what you had done but wasn't quite sure

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  5. Just currently working on some Imperial Guard triage and other medical paperwork, my brain is too tired to work on other fluff so this is a nice diversion

  6. As for the diorama, that's something I've wanted to do for years - I had visions of a small tent village, but then thought it might be best to start with something small and in-game. An Orderly and a Stretcher Bearer giving a wounded Guardsman a plasma transfusion in the back of Caduceus-class medical transport (perhaps similar to your open-topped Chimera).


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