Heavy Mortar and Crew

Time for some more pictures.  This is one of my three Forgeworld Heavy Mortars.  I really like the look of these models, and their accuracy make them a real bonus in games.  I've not had chance to use them properly yet, but I strongly suspect that they'll be overlooked as the enemy deep strikes onto my Basilisks and Earthshakers.

Anyway, I've added some of the regular Mordian Mortar Crew to give the scene a bit of life.  In fact, a few more Mortar Crews and that'll be all my army built!  Then just have to paint it ...

The mud is my favoured household filler / Dark Flesh combo, and I've painted all the uniform trim red, to signify artillery troops rather than infantry support.

 The shells are colourfully painted to signify gas shells - after the multicoloured banding used on World War 1 shells of the same type.  Incidentally, I'm reading a really good book about Fritz Haber, pioneer of gas warfare and I wanted to incorporate some of this into the world of 40K.  I'd imagine by this point it would have gone beyond all controversy; anything that's a weapon in the 40K universe is good!  Still, it's interesting to read about anyway and expect some house rules for gas shells soon.  Future plans: a short holiday means there will be no modelling for two weeks, but I'll hopefully get some battles fought and the results posted up here pronto.  I also have lovingly photographed by beautiful, pride-and-joy Hardened Veterans squad so expect to see them marching on fairly shortly!


  1. Yet another superb post with more superb models, really like the working of Haber's work into it - similar to my medical stuff but better.

    Still trying to get it so the leniency is dystopian, an Inperium on the decline, with shrinking resources needs to maintain those it has. It has to keep churning existing troops back onto the field...

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